Silex participated in 2019 China industrial silicon industrial chain annual meeting

From 24th-26thApril, 2019, sponsored by the China nonferrous metals industry association silicon industry branch, Guizhou sunshine wanfeng industrial development co., LTD., Jiangsu senze environmental protection engineering technology co., LTD., and Hesheng silicon industry co., LTD, assisted by Hebei shuntian electrode co., LTD and undertaken by Beijing antaike information co., LTD., the 2019 China industrial silicon industrial annual meeting was held ceremoniously in Guizhou Xingyi. More than 400 representatives from the enterprises and institutions in the production, consumption, scientific research, design, application, equipment manufacturing, trade and related fields of industrial silicon industry attended the event.

Silex has participated in the annual meeting for the third consecutive year. During the meeting, the person in charge of the company had fruitful communication with upstream and downstream customers.